Friday, August 22, 2008



was....Tough to say the least

  1. our container got lost in customs..LOST
  2. our tyres got mixed up
  3. im still sick

but im getting ahead of myself let me begin it was wednesday and we were going 2 indon on KLM and we sat in a 747 so there was an upper deck which was just awesome i swear 2 god once in a lifetime experience. so we arrived in indonesia and were greeted with a jakarta JAM which is i dont think the font goes so big MASSSSIIIVVVEEE!

(jeez,this is long)

so on thursday...we did nothing cause our container didnt come and we were hanging out (me,tasha,sandy,suriya*) but that is for another post we

saturday qualifying

1st Kevin susilo

2nd ME

3rd Ryan richie


same as quali

Heat 3

same as quali


same as quali


SAme as quali

Stupid Stupid bryan

I know be4 any1 reads this post u go wtf? this is like your 3rd blog and yes i know BUUT i promise that this will be MY BLOG permanently.